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Hi! My name is Victoria, wife to Erick, and homeschooling mom to 5 boys (with another babe on the way!). Living Lessons in Reading began as my own journey to teach our second son, Liam, how to read. We started off trying a popular workbook program, but a few lessons in it just wasn't "clicking" for him, and he very quickly lost his interest in another program I tried. So, being a Charlotte Mason homeschooler, I decided to read more into her ideas on teaching reading, and little by little, applied those ideas to the McGuffey Eclectic Primer that I found at a local used bookstore. Now I am getting ready to begin reading lessons with our third son, Diego, and I knew I wanted all of these ideas and methods I had great success with before all written down in one place. I had already been documenting Liam's reading journey on social media, and was frequently asked how I was using the McGuffey Primer to teach reading (since the book itself does not really provide much in the way of instruction). Before long I decide I could serve other homeschoolers in this way by sharing what I have made. So Living Lessons in Reading was born! A completely scripted, open-and-go, Charlotte Mason inspired beginning reading curriculum for the homeschool educator. My program puts everything you need in one place, in a simple and practical way. Along with your lesson plan book, homeschoolers receive flashcards, word cut-outs, and extra letter tiles to complete their lessons. With a few other useful tools, you will be on your way to teaching your little one how to read, with my gentle lesson plans to help you on the journey. So, thank you for being here! I pray my lesson plans will bless your family, and help to bring this sweet little classic reader to life for you.


Victoria Ybarra

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